Maybe someone will come along with some ice cream…

Maybe I’ll get a flat tire on Christmas Eve

Maybe someone will rob my bags while I’m not looking

Maybe this hill will end around the next bend

Maybe someone will be able to weld this pannier back together

Maybe this food will make us sick for a week

Maybe a coconut will be laying on the side of the road

Maybe there will be a bike lane

Maybe trucks will honk at me repetitively

Maybe I’ll be able to wash my socks for the first time in a month

Maybe this town will have fish tacos and pineapples

Maybe we’ll ride for hours without food or water

Maybe it will be 15 miles all downhill

Maybe there will be a crazy rash from wearing these bike shorts

Maybe I’ll get 15 tacos for a dollar

Maybe I’ll sleep in a bed

Maybe I will see a truckload of Hondurans deported from the states

Maybe I’ll be able to climb a tree in a dense tropical forest

Maybe it will be nearly 100 degrees

Maybe the river will be cool and refreshing to swim in

Maybe this lake will be infested with crocodiles

Maybe we will forget something and have to turn around

Maybe other cyclists will ride alongside us for a few days

Maybe we will make it through the border smoothly

Maybe I’ll find another rock to carry with me

Maybe we will get lost

or maybe we will go for a bike ride and let what happens, happen

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