Being a Bike Messenger

A bike messenger carries stories with them as they ride. The bicycle is a common experience to most people, and the idea of riding down the street, using your own power to push yourself forward, is commonplace in a child’s upbringing. The bike messenger relates to that inner child within us when he ecstatically cheers every time he starts riding. The joy of the bike messenger is part of the message he carries, that people have immense power.

The bike messenger might not have to say anything at all. A wave or a nod of the helmet can tell miles and miles of tales in a mere half-second interaction. In that wave, the bike messenger conveys the capability he shares with every other human body, and the power its movement creates. As the man on the roadside waves back, he is ignited with curiosity of distant lands, and the ambition to see them. The bike messenger gives him the hope of attaining green grass on the other side of the hill.

The best part of being a bike messenger, every person on a bicycle is one.



One thought on “Being a Bike Messenger

  1. I love the way you draw the reader in and then reveal an amazing message: Everyone on a bike is a bike messenger. This really spoke to my feeling of pride and joy when on a bike and I so deeply appreciate this brilliant sentiment .


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