Nkadoru Murto (Cat and Mouse)

In many ways, climbing a hill on a heavy bicycle is a game of cat and mouse. A cycle tourist will chase that feeling up any road he encounters. Whether or not the top is within sight, it is continuous endeavor, focused on the the top of the ridge. Sometimes this game of being in the lowest gear possible lasts a few kilometers, sometimes a few hours.

Upon completion of this arduous incline, one might enjoy the delicious moment of a Summit Apple

and continue gleefully down the other side!

The delicious moment of the top is immediately released, and the cat and mouse game begins again upon the next ridge.

100 miles North of the equator, the road bent uphill a few hundred meters around a mountain known by the local Samburu tribe as Nkadoru Murto. The phrase means literally ‘animal peering out of grass’. It is commonly known that the rock formations on top of this hill look perfectly like a giant cat chasing a mouse.

This geology is more awe-inspiring than our other big-cat friend the Sphinx in that the natural geologic features of this Great Rift Valley produced this by chance. A spectacle for all passerby to see and admire the natural power of the last 3 million years.

When we share this and other towering landscape features with the Samburu for hundreds of generations, the roadside view is that much more impressive.

Seeing the giant cat and this mouse rock in the middle of riding uphill really reminded me of the joys of this game. Like the idiom points out, it’s not the end that I’m after, it’s following the means. It’s riding up or down this road in a continual hunt. And what a lovely ride every inch really is!

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