Crazy Bicycle Tourists

“That’s some Forrest Gump type stuff.” is the most common expression when someone hears about one of the Locos Ciclos endeavors. Going somewhere entirely by bicycle is not the most common way, and these cycle tourists love to challenge that norm of ‘travelling.’ Through riding Every Fabulous Inch between the start point and the destination, the Locos Ciclos make the journey, the destination. All by their own power, and carrying some peculiar items, these travelers have made it over half the circumference of the Earth.

It starts with a simple notion: where do you want to go? Then comes the most important question: how are you going to get there? The Locos Ciclos answered “On my bicycle,” and started off riding down the street. That street brought them down the road, and that road brought them across the country. When one road ended, the next started, until they had ridden across the entire continent.

Here’s some crazy statistics:

22,000 kilometres (12,800 miles)

48 flat tires

200lb bicycles

18 borders crossed

ZERO Barbershops

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