Support World Bicycle Relief

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We are beyond grateful for those who support our World Bicycle Relief fundraising campaign. Your contributions fuel our motivation behind every pedal rotation, and your decision to support our project is actively bringing freedom to those in need through the power of bicycles.

Thousand Kilometer Pledges

Our “Thousand Kilometer Pledges” are generous businesses and individuals who have committed to making a donation for every 1,000 kilometers we complete. Each time our distance tracker marks a new thousand kilometers, we send out a private update via email with photos/recaps of our ride. The journey is expected to be 14,000 kilometers long, so even a $10 pledge will just about amount to a full bicycle donated by the end of our journey (a full bicycle is donated for every $147 raised). If you would like to be a Thousand Kilometer Pledge, please reach out to us on the “Contact” menu option of our website!

Individual Donations

Team Platinum ($500+)

  • John Burke, CEO of Trek Bikes
  • Daniel Kunz, Dear Friend and Co-Founder of Flink
  • Charles and Anne Roos
  • Margit and Richard Roos-Collins
  • Golden State Canna
  • Mooney and Tripoli Family

Team Gold ($200-$499)

  • Ms. Elizabeth Collins
  • UBS Financial Services, Thanks to Rachel Johnsen
  • Myles and Jody Pritchard
  • Alex Phillips
  • Carolyn ‘Yama’ Day
  • Kristen Lease
  • Shehab ElNawawi and Hoda Abdelhamid
  • UCSB Writing Programs
  • Nomad Goods

Team Locos ($1-$199)

  • Trevor Simms
  • Michael Samuel and Jane Martin
  • Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz
  • Bryson “Fried Brice” Smith
  • Karen and Pete Day
  • In Honor of Julie Luther
  • Maimie Wolfe
  • Natalia Foroutan
  • Claire Shalloe
  • Ashleigh Bartlett
  • Charlie & Ciara Lydon
  • Jackie Polmeroy
  • Benjamin Drescher
  • Michael Russell
  • Maria Ventura
  • Heather Wolfe
  • Steven McDowell
  • Katie McDowell
  • Ritas Smith
  • Ana Williamson
  • Kathy Spracklin
  • Eunji Yoo
  • Maria Jose Arnaldos
  • Elena Sittler
  • April Anastasio
  • Alisa Lepselter and Charles Roos
  • Laura Fay
  • Anne Connell
  • John and Dori Bezdek
  • Michele Foletta
  • Joey Conway
  • Elissa and Nancy Title
  • Sydney Lezberg
  • Augustine “Big Doggy Augie” Houlemard
  • Natalie Kunert
  • Nik Frey
  • Rutti Simon
  • Evan Glessner
  • Grandpa & Grandma Feggelle
  • Mike “Big Mike” Samuel
  • Kevin Welti
  • Jimmy & Marie Ruane
  • Ken Hwang
  • Patrick McQueen
  • Anne “The Godmother” Connell
  • Steven Marquardt
  • David Byrnes
  • Amanda Flores-Witte
  • Andrew Eddie
  • Ryan Saadat
  • Kristy “Mama Bear” Day
  • Elissa & Nancy Title
  • Nancy Laemmle
  • Dermot “Papa Bear” Connell
  • Stacy Bell